Carpet Replacement

Replace your carpets without displacing your office. Our Patented lift technology lets you install new carpet with little or no office displacement.

Okay, you have cleaned and cleaned your carpeting but it is time to face the truth and realize that your carpet has to be replaced. How do you shut down your company that is in full production to install new carpet? With CW Flooring, you don’t have to.

We use a patented lift technology system which requires little or no disassembly or moving of furniture, wires, cables or computers. We eliminate the costs associated with moving and dismantling office furniture and shutting down production.

CW Flooring Unlimited will arrive after office hours or on the weekend and literally lift the furniture, taking out your old carpet and replacing it with new quality carpeting of your choice.

In the morning, your employees will not even notice we have been there. Except they will notice the nice, clean, new, professionally installed carpet.