Luminous Egress Markings

NEW!  Luminous Egress Markings

(Glow in the Dark Strips for Safety)

How It Works

Using a combination of luminous tape and stair-treads, the egress stairwell is marked to provide dramatically increased visibility and safety during emergency evacuation.  Markings are placed on treads, handrails, landings, exit doors, and obstructions (standpipes, pipes, etc.)  Also available are stairwell signs and exit signs.

How We Do It

Installations are done in accordance with all Fire & Building Code requirements, using only UL approved material as described in those Codes.  Our expertise, attention to detail, and workmanship will provide the safety you desire for everyone in your building.

About Us

CW Flooring Unlimited and Patriot Fire & Life Safety have combined our knowledge and experience in our respective fields to form an unprecedented partnership in the field of high-rise safety.  Together we help our clients provide a safe environment for everyone in their buildings.